Meet Lili, my Robot Lamp

Lili is a friendly robot lamp, that reacts to movements and lights around it.
It is autonomous and plug&play, it doesn’t have any button and doesn’t need a computer.


I want my Lili !

If you want to adopt a Lili, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lili’s brain is an Arduino, the screen is a NeoMatrix from Adafruit, the servomotors are from Dagu, and the lamp is from La Chaise Longue.
You'll find on this page more information on how I built it.

The control
I used an Arduino Uno board. Arduino is an amazing open-source project with hardware, software and an crazy community of makers. If you don’t know about it you should have a look at their website :

Here is how the code is structured (I need to clean it and comment it, I will put it online soon !). Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any information or advice.

The screen
Inside the lamp is wired a NeoMatrix from Adafruit.

It is an amazing product, you'll find more information on their website

There are 64 leds, it is very powerful and gives a lot of light when needed if you have enough power : I plugged it to a 5V 3A alimentation. The luminosity of the screen can be controlled from the Arduino so Lili doesn’t dazzle you.
If you plan to use one, be careful to plug it right and protect it as the documentation says. As my wire is quite long and the servos are plugged on the same alimentation, I added a 1000µF - 6.3V capacitor to protect it.

The motors
Lili's head is attached to a Pan/Tilt structure with 2 servo motors from Dagu.

The sensors
I used 2 motion sensors that make a 80° angle. Their reference is Sharp 2Y0A02, they detect movement between 15cm and 1,5m.
These sensors are IR, I consider to switch to ultrasound sensors that may have a better detection in the dark.
And the photoresistor is a VT90N2 LDR, not very precise but enough to know if is day or night…

The lamp
It is called "Detroit" and comes from “La Chaise Longue”.

If you want to adopt a Lili, don't hesitate to contact me.